Far Trader Grendel

190-1105 - And So It Begins

The Travellers had just recently closed the deal on the Far Trader Grendel and set about rounding up passengers and cargo for their initial run as independent traders. With crew, passengers and cargo secured, the Grendel prepared for liftoff when an earthquake rocked the starport. Ground control had the Travellers continue with their takeoff and before long they were in low orbit.

David was piloting the ship and mentioned that the Grendel was behaving oddly – whether this was because it was an old ship or if it sustained damage in the quake he could not be sure. The maneuver drive seemed a bit sluggish and the hull made an inordinate amount of creaking and groaning as it had climbed through the atmosphere. It was decided that before they continued their voyage to Kinorb, they should run a full diagnostics to make sure it was safe to continue.

In the hours that the inspection took, Dr. Hadish noticed an anomaly on the planet’s surface. Yorbund’s atmosphere is notoriously difficult for sensors to penetrate, and to think that their commercial sensors would pick up anything was unthinkable – and yet there they were: structures of unknown origin located hundreds of kilometers from the starport or any other known settlement. Being presented with a unique opportunity, the decision was made to go in for a closer look for scientific curiosity as well as giving their passengers the thrill of viewing an unknown ancient structure.

David brought the Grendel down for a closer look so their sensors could get a better reading on the pyramids and the passengers could view them from the lounge. As they closed within a few kilometers, one of the faces of the largest pyramid grew bright and a beam of energy shot out, barely missing the Grendel. Thanks to David’s quick piloting, the Grendel touches down safely before a second beam could target the ship. Dr. Hadish informs the group that they were lucky the beam missed – it had enough energy to seriously damage if not destroy the ship. Finding themselves pinned down in the shadow of the ancient complex, the Travellers see little option but to send out a team to investigate the pyramids and attempt to disable the energy weapon…


Daimyo_Ogata Daimyo_Ogata

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