Far Trader Grendel

191-1105 - 06:00 CST - Jump to Kinorb System

Can we go now?

191-1105 – 06:00 - The passengers are secured and the crew has been debriefed. Those crew members that have been cleared by Dr. Olivia return to their duties while Count Nakamura is taken to the med bay to prep for surgery. David assumes the helm and takes the Grendel into orbit.
191-1105 – 06:34 - The Grendel achieves orbit and David plots a course to the jump point. Knowing that it will take the Grendel a little over 5.5 hours to traverse the 700,000 km, he notifies the crew and passengers of this and begins the jump calculations.
191-1105 – 12:07 - The Grendel arrives at the jump point and David plots the course for a safe arrival in Kinorb. At David’s command, Gerrin transfers power to the jump drive and the ship enters into jump space successfully.


  • Dr. Oliva performs surgery on Count Nakamura to address his more serious injuries and remands him to strict bed rest for several days. Steward duties were largely relegated to Edith for the duration.
  • Dr. Hadish studies the specimens from Yorbund in detail and has concluded that these were not three distinct species, but rather three variations of the same. He documents his work and prepares a paper outlining his findings.
  • David studies the damage to the vacc suits and prepares a parts list of everything that will be needed to refurbish the suits and bring them back into service.


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