Far Trader Grendel

198-1105 - 07:12 CST - Arrival in Kinorb System

Time to make some credits

198-1105 – 07:12 - The Far Trader Grendel comes out of jump space in the Kinorb system, approximately 960,000 kilometers from the planet. David Todd informs the crew and passengers that it be just under 6 hours before the ship arrives at the starport.
198-1105 – 12:45 - The ship arrives at the Kinorb starport without incident.
198-1105 – 13:05 - The Grendel has docked, the passengers disembarked and the crew sets out on exploring the city.


  • Passengers disembark from the ship and the tickets turned into the starport authority for reimbursement.
  • Docking fee of 3,000 credits paid.
  • Refueling scheduled for the Grendel – 22 tons of refined fuel @ 500 cr / ton
  • Priority maintenance items identified by Gerrin West are scheduled for servicing. Estimated cost 2,142 credits.

198-1105 – 13:15 - A problem is encountered when Edith Jetter tried to arrange for a buyer for the cargo. The system flagged the ship as having an invalid registration and was preventing access to the broker markets. A meeting is scheduled with the starport administrator to sort this out.
198-1105 – 13:30 - Jayne Clayton receives a message to meet an old friend at a nearby starport lounge. Thaelin Storm and Jayne catch up on old times and Thaelin mentioned he was looking for a job and hoping Jayne could set him up. Jayne offers to introduce him to Edith as the ship could use a second engineer.
Meanwhile back at the docking bay, the Imperial Mail Service Postmaster checks in with the Grendel, certifies that the mailpod had not been tampered with and authorizes payment.
198-1105 – 14:00 - Edith and Count Nakamura Sunahiko meet with Administrator Lan-Gan. He explains that because of the problems with the Grendel’s registration, they will not be allowed to conduct business at Kinorb until it is straightened out. Once informed of the fact that the Grendel recently changed ownership, he assures them that it should be sorted out in a matter of days.
198-1105 – 20:00 - Edith and Dr. Olivia are out exploring the town and come across a young man in an alley who was recently beaten up. Dr. Olivia tends to his injuries and he introduces himself as Cogri Landholm – son of the owner and operator of Landholm Mapping and Surveying Co. As his father’s business is focused on mapping the subsector, they offer up their info on Yorbund. He agrees to take the offer to his father and promises them a meeting for the next day.
199-1105 – 08:00 - Count Nakamura receives a call from Administrator Lan-Gan’s office asking for a meeting. Upon arriving at his office, Admin Lan-Gan informs Nakamura that he received the updated Grendel registration in the morning mail. With the paperwork sorted out, the Grendel has been cleared to conduct business with the area brokerages.
199-1105 – 10:00 - Mr. Landholm arrives at the Grendel docking bay to discuss Edith’s proposal. Upon reviewing the sensor logs and a discussion with Dr Hadish Madhur on his findings, Mr. Landholm agrees to a deal for exclusive rights to the Yorbund sensor logs. Additionally, he offers Dr Hadish 500 credits for his research and a contract for 500 cr per paper he submits on other worlds they come across.
199-1105 – 13:00 - The Travellers decide that they should secure hazardous environment suits in case they run into another situation like Yorbund. The vacc suits were poorly suited for the environment and they wanted to be prepared for future encounters. However, they quickly discover that those are a restricted item on Kinorb and contact Administrator Lan-Gan’s office about securing permits. In addition to the processing fee, they are informed that certification as Exo-planetary First Responders is also required.
199-1105 – 17:00 - Jayne, David, Edith and Olivia are selected as the Exo-planetary First Responder team and go in for the certification. In spite of their best efforts, they are unable to pass the exams and told to come to the next class in three days.
Thaelin spends his time working with Gerrin and familiarizing himself with the ship.
200-1105 – 08:00 - Thaelin and Gerrin begin a limited overhaul of the maneuver drive which will take several days to complete. Tentatively they plan on being able to lift-off on 204-1105.
202-1105 – 17:00 - Jayne, David, Edith and Olivia return to the Exo-planetary First Responder class and succeed in getting certified.


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