Far Trader Grendel

Day 1

Character Creation

On 16Sept2012, a bunch of us got together to make up characters. Present were Rob, Heather, Ken, Suz, JD, Lee and Steven. Missing were Paul and John.

Steven decided on using Traveller’s Mongoose edition currently. Everyone rolled dice and stuck in their attributes. Then we all rolled for our world backgrounds. 4 of us are from tiny planetoids. NO one from a water planet. I am from a vacuum planetoid. It was fun and a bit funny…

THEN we rolled for what we intended to do for our jobs/careers/education. THIS was the really fun part.

Special note: Jd was still feeling under the weather, so he only went through 2 rounds, and will finish his character later.

Lee and I both chose the scholar path. Luckily, neither of us washed out of school, although we did have some mishaps. Out of the six rounds, I only got 3 levels of advancement as a scholar, I believe Lee got more. Lee’s character also had a mishap where he lost an eye, and later, luckily met my character, which prevented him suffering more severe damage. So we have a link. He and I both kept getting certain skills in higher ranks, but the rest were left at level 0. I got 3 “major awards”(it sounds like A Christmas Story) which was cool. I believe we both got rivals and allies as well.

Heather, well Heather’s character NOW owns most of Goldman Sachs. She took 6 levels in merchant, and kicked it’s ass. She is owed enough favors and has enough contacts and allies to keep us ok for the first 9 months of this game. She had a few good laughs along the way too.

Ken, we are all pretty sure that Ken’s planet is from the Japanese Empire! Ken followed the Noble path and achieved his goal of becoming an Ambassador so he is very pleased with himself. He had quite a few adventures along the way, also ending up with rivals and contacts. We laughed the most at Ken’s rounds for sure.

Finally we come to Rob. Poor Rob. He wanted to make a pilot, and tried for the Marines. In the end he did most of 1 term at Naval school, and 4 rounds as a drifter. He opted not to go for the 5th and 6th round so he could remain with all his limbs and less debt. My character cured him of “space tuberculosis”, which is how we have a link. Ken’s character saved him from a death duel, and now they have a link too. We all had a lot of laughs, but I think Rob got a bit screwed over by the dice. (Please note, I thought he went 5 rounds, Steven says 4, betting he is right)

So we mustered, and have about 1/3 of a ship. Rob is in debt, Heather and Ken each have a ridiculous amount of cash. Now we are waiting to see what happens with everyone else.

This should be fun!


Daimyo_Ogata holczer13

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