Far Trader Grendel

211-1105 - 18:00 CST - Beck's World - Part 1
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

211-1105 – 18:00 - Count Nakamura Sunahiko attempts to check in with the SPA but finds the admin building closed until morning. Looking around he sees that the gates out of the starport are closed and guarded. Further exploration shows that one of the warehouse buildings in the “starport” has been converted into a bar for the locals.
211-1105 – 18:30 - Dr Hadish Madhur and David Todd decide to check out the local watering hole and head to the bar. After settling in with a couple drinks, they find a small being the locals refer to as a chirper under the table. Calling itself Chiree, it asks them for help. While they do not agree to help him, they tell Chiree that they will take him back to the boss to plead his case.
211-1105 – 19:25 - Heading back to the Grendel, Hadish and David are stopped by a local patrol. They review their papers and then let them go on to the ship. Oddly, Chiree was no where to be found during this whole incident.
211-1105 – 20:00 - Arriving back at the Grendel, Hadish and David meet with Edith Jetter so Chiree could plead his case to her. He tells them that his nest mates were taken from their home in the north lands by bad men and sent down to a strange metal place with metal beings with other creatures somewhere in the southern sea. Hearing Chiree’s story, the group opts to take up his cause.
211-1105 – 22:00 - Count Nakamura puts together a plan to get the travellers onto Beck’s World legally so as to not cause trouble with the locals. Looking up the planet info, he figures an off-world hunting party, properly permitted, would be able to get them on planet and on the trail of the missing chirpers.
212-1105 – 09:30 - The travellers check in with the SPA and with a few forms filled out an “fees” paid, visas are issued to allow them onto Beck’s World proper. David and Jayne Clayton are to remain with the Grendel just in case.
212-1105 – 11:00 - A bus is hired and the travellers and high passengers are taken down to the docks where boats are chartered for the “fishing trip”. As part of the plan, Count Nakamura would be taking one boat and the high passengers on an actual fishing trip. The other ship (submarine) would take the travellers in search of the place Chiree described. As generous as Count Nakamura was with hiring his boats, Jeb captains the sub doing the search himself.
212-1105 – 14:00 - The boats fully outfitted and provisioned set sail on their respective fishing trips. Fortunately for the away team, Gerrin West has had some experience with subs before and uses his knowledge to help refine the search. Even still, reaching the target zone and sweeping the area would take nearly 2 days.
213-1105 -
The GrendelDavid and Jayne work on repairing the damaged vacc suits.
The Fishing Boat - Count Nakamura and the high passengers spend more time partying than fishing.
The Away Team - Gerrin manages to shave off 3 hours from their overall travel time by taking advantage of the currents.
214-1105 -
The GrendelDavid and Jayne work on repairing the damaged vacc suits.
The Fishing Boat - The high passengers all but forget about the fishing. To keep them interested, Count Nakamura offers a high passage to the person that catches the largest fish.
The Away Team - They arrive at the target zone for their search and begin their sweeps. Captain Jeb muses that he seemed to recall an old timer that claimed to do supply runs for an Imperial Station around these parts but everyone though he was either crazy or a drunkard.Research station gamma
214-1105 – 20:00 - Hadish on his watch on deck, aided by his digital camera, spots the angular silhouette of a structure poking out from the sea. Moving closer to the object they discover it is some sort of station and begin looking for a way inside.
214-1105 – 20:40 - They discover there is a globe near the sea floor that seems to serve as a dock for subs. When Captain Jeb maneuvers his boat up to it, the doors open and allow it to dock.
214-1105 – 20:50 - Having gained entry into the station, the away team quickly locates the central shaft and the elevator car that seems to run the full height of the station. They quickly grasp the controls and decide to begin their exploration of the station from the lowest level (designated ‘Globe 12’)
214-1105 – 21:10 - Investigating ‘Globe 12’ takes little time as the doors are open and the globe seems to be empty and unused.
214-1105 – 21:20 - Taking the elevator care up to ‘Globe 11’ they find the doors closed and the readout by them registering [FA0] – what could this mean? Thaelin finds an access hatch and the tunnels underneath. He tries to find some control systems but from his examination, it appears that they are located elsewhere in the complex. Gerrin meanwhile finds a ladder leading up to what appears to be an observation deck. Looking into the globe he sees five human looking beings in the chamber. When they notice him he hears something echo in his mind: “Help us!!!”

211-1105 - 08:08 CST - Arrival in Beck's World System
This looks like a quiet little backwater world

211-1105 – 08:08 - The Far Trader Grendel comes out of jump space in the Beck’s World system, approximately 1,280,000 kilometers from the planet. David Todd informs the crew and passengers that it be just under 10 hours before the ship arrives at the starport.
211-1105 – 17:38 - The ship arrives in high orbit and is only able to raise an automated beacon with directions on how to proceed and land planet side.
211-1105 – 17:58 - With Dr Hadish Madhur manning the sensors, the Grendel lands safely.


  • Cold sleep passengers awakened under Dr. Olivia’s supervision. The low passengers disembark from the ship and the tickets turned into the starport authority for reimbursement.
  • Docking fee of 20 credits paid.
  • Refueling scheduled for the Grendel – 44 tons of unrefined fuel @ 100 cr / ton
  • Gerrin West and Thaelin Storm give the jump drive a once over to make sure that hiccup on the last jump was not an indication of bigger problems.
204-1105 - 00:00 CST - Jump to Beck's World
This should be a quiet trip

204-1105 – 00:00 - Cargo starts arriving at the docking bay and gets secured in the cargo bays.
204-1105 – 08:00 - Passengers begin arriving at the Far Trader Grendel for boarding. Count Nakamura Sunahiko shows them to their cabins and sees their luggage is secured.
204-1105 – 12:00 - With all passengers and cargo on board and Thaelin Storm and Gerrin West signing off on the maneuver drive, David Todd gets clearance from the control tower for lift-off.
204-1105 – 12:31 - The Grendel achieves orbit and David plots a course to the jump point. Knowing that it will take the Grendel around 6 hours to traverse the 960,000 kilometers, he notifies the crew and passengers of this and begins the jump calculations.
204-1105 – 18:02 - The Grendel arrives at the jump point and David plots the course for a safe arrival in Beck’s World system. At David’s command, Thaelin transfers power to the jump drive and the ship enters into jump space successfully – though there seemed to be a slight hiccup when the drive engaged.


  • Dr. Oliva and David recondition vacc suits 1 and 5 and return them to service.
  • Thaelin and Jayne Clayton recondition vacc suits 2 and 3 and return them to service.
198-1105 - 07:12 CST - Arrival in Kinorb System
Time to make some credits

198-1105 – 07:12 - The Far Trader Grendel comes out of jump space in the Kinorb system, approximately 960,000 kilometers from the planet. David Todd informs the crew and passengers that it be just under 6 hours before the ship arrives at the starport.
198-1105 – 12:45 - The ship arrives at the Kinorb starport without incident.
198-1105 – 13:05 - The Grendel has docked, the passengers disembarked and the crew sets out on exploring the city.


  • Passengers disembark from the ship and the tickets turned into the starport authority for reimbursement.
  • Docking fee of 3,000 credits paid.
  • Refueling scheduled for the Grendel – 22 tons of refined fuel @ 500 cr / ton
  • Priority maintenance items identified by Gerrin West are scheduled for servicing. Estimated cost 2,142 credits.

198-1105 – 13:15 - A problem is encountered when Edith Jetter tried to arrange for a buyer for the cargo. The system flagged the ship as having an invalid registration and was preventing access to the broker markets. A meeting is scheduled with the starport administrator to sort this out.
198-1105 – 13:30 - Jayne Clayton receives a message to meet an old friend at a nearby starport lounge. Thaelin Storm and Jayne catch up on old times and Thaelin mentioned he was looking for a job and hoping Jayne could set him up. Jayne offers to introduce him to Edith as the ship could use a second engineer.
Meanwhile back at the docking bay, the Imperial Mail Service Postmaster checks in with the Grendel, certifies that the mailpod had not been tampered with and authorizes payment.
198-1105 – 14:00 - Edith and Count Nakamura Sunahiko meet with Administrator Lan-Gan. He explains that because of the problems with the Grendel’s registration, they will not be allowed to conduct business at Kinorb until it is straightened out. Once informed of the fact that the Grendel recently changed ownership, he assures them that it should be sorted out in a matter of days.
198-1105 – 20:00 - Edith and Dr. Olivia are out exploring the town and come across a young man in an alley who was recently beaten up. Dr. Olivia tends to his injuries and he introduces himself as Cogri Landholm – son of the owner and operator of Landholm Mapping and Surveying Co. As his father’s business is focused on mapping the subsector, they offer up their info on Yorbund. He agrees to take the offer to his father and promises them a meeting for the next day.
199-1105 – 08:00 - Count Nakamura receives a call from Administrator Lan-Gan’s office asking for a meeting. Upon arriving at his office, Admin Lan-Gan informs Nakamura that he received the updated Grendel registration in the morning mail. With the paperwork sorted out, the Grendel has been cleared to conduct business with the area brokerages.
199-1105 – 10:00 - Mr. Landholm arrives at the Grendel docking bay to discuss Edith’s proposal. Upon reviewing the sensor logs and a discussion with Dr Hadish Madhur on his findings, Mr. Landholm agrees to a deal for exclusive rights to the Yorbund sensor logs. Additionally, he offers Dr Hadish 500 credits for his research and a contract for 500 cr per paper he submits on other worlds they come across.
199-1105 – 13:00 - The Travellers decide that they should secure hazardous environment suits in case they run into another situation like Yorbund. The vacc suits were poorly suited for the environment and they wanted to be prepared for future encounters. However, they quickly discover that those are a restricted item on Kinorb and contact Administrator Lan-Gan’s office about securing permits. In addition to the processing fee, they are informed that certification as Exo-planetary First Responders is also required.
199-1105 – 17:00 - Jayne, David, Edith and Olivia are selected as the Exo-planetary First Responder team and go in for the certification. In spite of their best efforts, they are unable to pass the exams and told to come to the next class in three days.
Thaelin spends his time working with Gerrin and familiarizing himself with the ship.
200-1105 – 08:00 - Thaelin and Gerrin begin a limited overhaul of the maneuver drive which will take several days to complete. Tentatively they plan on being able to lift-off on 204-1105.
202-1105 – 17:00 - Jayne, David, Edith and Olivia return to the Exo-planetary First Responder class and succeed in getting certified.

191-1105 - 06:00 CST - Jump to Kinorb System
Can we go now?

191-1105 – 06:00 - The passengers are secured and the crew has been debriefed. Those crew members that have been cleared by Dr. Olivia return to their duties while Count Nakamura is taken to the med bay to prep for surgery. David assumes the helm and takes the Grendel into orbit.
191-1105 – 06:34 - The Grendel achieves orbit and David plots a course to the jump point. Knowing that it will take the Grendel a little over 5.5 hours to traverse the 700,000 km, he notifies the crew and passengers of this and begins the jump calculations.
191-1105 – 12:07 - The Grendel arrives at the jump point and David plots the course for a safe arrival in Kinorb. At David’s command, Gerrin transfers power to the jump drive and the ship enters into jump space successfully.


  • Dr. Oliva performs surgery on Count Nakamura to address his more serious injuries and remands him to strict bed rest for several days. Steward duties were largely relegated to Edith for the duration.
  • Dr. Hadish studies the specimens from Yorbund in detail and has concluded that these were not three distinct species, but rather three variations of the same. He documents his work and prepares a paper outlining his findings.
  • David studies the damage to the vacc suits and prepares a parts list of everything that will be needed to refurbish the suits and bring them back into service.
190-1105 - 22:00 CST - EVA 2
Once more into the breach!

The Away Team is assembled: Count Nakamura, Gerrin, Dr. Hadish, Jayne, and David take the remaining five vacc suits and prepare to explore the pyramids looking for some way to disable the defense system.

22:00 [480 minutes of suit integrity left) - Away team cycles through the airlock on cargo bay 2 and begins EVA.
22:14 [466 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decides to examine the partly demolished corner of the smaller pyramid. Upon arriving there, they begin scouring the site for any signs of an entrance or breach.
22:24 [456 minutes of suit integrity left) - After conducting a thorough search of the area, they determine that there is no obvious way to gain entrance here.
22:30 [450 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decides to change tactics and moves to the large depression in front of the pyramids.
22:50 [430 minutes of suit integrity left) - Upon climbing down into the pit, the away team discovers what appears to be a pair of vents covered by metal bars. With tools brought from the ship, they proceeded to cut through them, making sure there were no sharp edges remaining to puncture the vacc suits.
22:53 [427 minutes of suit integrity left) - With the opening made, the team crawled into the vent. The first thing they come across is a small side spherical side chamber. With nothing of note in the room, they press deeper into the complex.
22:56 [424 minutes of suit integrity left) - Going further down the vent, they come across a larger spherical room. Like the smaller room, it has no distinguishing features and so they continue along the vent.
23:01 [419 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team enters into a large room – large enough to finally stand up in. Not only is the size notable, but the room also has some rather large equipment in it of alien manufacture. Gerrin studies the equipment and as best as he is able to determine, he believes it is a sort of power plant, making the tunnels the team crawled in through an exhaust system. However, he finds no control system of any sort here – it must lay elsewhere.
23:09 [411 minutes of suit integrity left) - The party decides to explore a tunnel with an upward incline to see if they can locate the control room for the power plant. As they reach the top of the tunnel, they come across a nest of the native flyers but are able to back away without disturbing them. As this passageway seemed to be a dead end, it was decided to explore elsewhere.
23:24 [396 minutes of suit integrity left) - As the team opts to explore the other chamber, they run into a pack of chasers. After a brief skirmish the specimens were secured though there were some injuries which needed to be attended to.
23:29 [391 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team presses into the chamber and finds it full of a dense mist. There did not appear to be anything of note except for this so the team opts to move on.
23:39 [381 minutes of suit integrity left) - The only remaining unexplored area was a second exhaust vent that ran parallel to the one they gained access to the pyramids with. Crawling down the tunnel, it is confirmed that it was of similar construction with two side chambers and nothing of note.
23:44 [376 minutes of suit integrity left) - With no options left down here, the team crawls back outside the pyramid and reestablishes contact with the ship. It is decided that the only hope of gaining entry to the pyramids and finding the control system was to return to the original shaft.
00:04 [356 minutes of suit integrity left) - To save time, Dr. Olivia suits up and brings out additional climbing gear and rope to make the descent down the shaft. She meets up with the rest of the team at the top of the small pyramid.
00:34 [326 minutes of suit integrity left) - Climbing down into the first chamber, the team does a more thorough analysis of the metallic platform. In spite of Dr. Hadish and David’s efforts, they are unable to determine the means by which it hovers in the shaft, nor find any control system for it.
00:44 [316 minutes of suit integrity left) - Hauling some of the debris for the collapsed tunnel, the team weighs down one end of the disk causing the other end to raise up. With some effort they are able to get the one end raised far enough up for people in vacc suits to slip through.
01:59 [241 minutes of suit integrity left) - Climbing down the 100 meter shaft took the team a significant amount of time as the vacc suits were not well suited for this sort of work. While there were some minor injuries, it was nothing to prevent the team from continuing their mission.
02:09 [231 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team explores the room and finds not much of interest. Gathering themselves together they press onward.
02:29 [211 minutes of suit integrity left) - Moving down the hallway, the team discover rooms on either side of it. One room appears to be some sort of garden as the floor was covered in soil with plants growing out of it. The room opposite of it appeared to be a storage room. A search of the boxes turned up nothing of note.
02:39 [201 minutes of suit integrity left) - A little further down the hallway was another pair of rooms. A quick examination of them determined they they were of similar size and configuration of the two rooms prior.
02:44 [196 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decided to take a closer look at the boxes in this room, and while there was nothing notable in the boxes, Count Nakamura thought the boxes themselves might hold some interesting properties.
02:59 [181 minutes of suit integrity left) - At the end of the hall, the team comes across a large room with a shaft in the center and a taut cable descending deeper still into the pyramid. Examining the room turned up a doorway that was not obvious at first glance. Upon opening it, the team disturbed a nest of flyers which reacted aggressively. Dr. Hadish came up with an innovative method of dealing with the beasts and the team manages to get through the combat with minor injuries which Dr. Olivia promptly tends to.
03:06 [174 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team begins checking out two rooms off the pendulum chamber when a quake shakes the complex. The tremor was relatively minor and no one was injured so the team continued with their explorations. Neither room seemed to have anything of interest.
03:31 [149 minutes of suit integrity left) - Having exhausted avenues of exploration on this level, the team decides to climb down the pendulum cable. Fortunately it had protrusions at regular intervals making the climb down manageable even with vacc suits.
03:46 [134 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team does a quick check down the corridor counting five chambers off the corridor. Deciding to examine one chamber at the far end of the complex, they discover that there was a defense system still active which administered a strong electrical shock to anyone entering it.
03:53 [127 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team returns to the pendulum chamber and addresses the injuries sustained from the trap.
04:13 [107 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decides to check out one of the adjacent rooms to the pendulum chamber and discover what appears to be the control room. Three banks of bar dials cover the walls displaying what is presumed to be power allocation levels but beyond that their functions are unknown as there are no labels. After some analysis, they believe the first bank of 33 indicators which are fluctuating are consistent with power plant monitoring and control, the second bank (34-66) consist of systems which only seem to have two states – off or on. Lighting and similar simple systems perhaps? The last bank (67-100) have indicators of varying intensity, mostly low, with one exception that is near maximum. What these govern is purely speculation.
04:29 [91 minutes of suit integrity left) - One of the team members discovers a series of compartments in the floor underneath the swing pattern of the pendulum. Hoping to discover something to decipher the control system they open them up. While some alien artifacts were recovered, nothing lent themselves to understanding the control system.
04:44 [76 minutes of suit integrity left) - Turning back to the bar dials, the team experiments with the three holes next to each one. Soon they discover that placing their finger in the top button increases a setting, or lowers it if in the bottom with the middle acting as a safety – nothing happens unless that is also pressed. While they discovered how to manipulate the controls, what each one did was still a mystery.
04:59 [61 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decides to search one of the nearby rooms to see if they can get some information on the control system. This room was unusual in that instead of the usual spherical shape with a metallic disk making a floor, this room has a stone floor and a raised dais of the same material. The team examined the smooth surface carefully but could not discover anything useful from it.
05:19 [41 minutes of suit integrity left) - Running short on time, the team decides to resort to experimentation and goes through the controls one by one. In their experimenting, they stumbled across one system that when energized, did not seem to do anything, but the fauna in the complex became frantic and fled from the complex. They also seemed to located controls that affected lighting but nothing that they could confirm as deactivating the defense system. Opting for an all-or-nothing approach, they shut down all systems.
05:44 [16 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team climbed back up the pendulum cable utilizing some of the tools they found in the compartments. While this made the climb easier, the vacc suits made it much more difficult than it needed to be. Realizing they would not have enough time to get to the ship, they had Gerrin run ahead to establish contact with the ship to have Edith bring the Grendel in close to the complex.
05:56 [4 minutes of suit integrity left) - The away team clears out of the pyramid complex shortly after Edith lands the Grendel near the main terrace. The team quickly enters into the airlock of Cargo Bay 3 as the warning indicators on their suits start going off.

The team sustained numerous injuries which would require some time to recover from. Some crew members were cleared by Dr. Olivia for light duty while Count Nakamura required several hours of surgery and several days of light duty for full recovery.

As with the first EVA, the atmosphere of Yorbund has done significant damage to the vacc suits. Only vacc suits 1 and 5 have any integrity left and even these should only be used in the case of dire emergency. The other six suits have had their seals corroded to the point where they can no longer maintain pressure nor atmosphere and have been pulled from service.

With the defenses of the pyramid complex shut down, the Grendel is able to resume its original flight plans for Kinorb.

190-1105 - 14:00 CST - EVA 1
It just had to be Yorbund...

The Away Team is assembled: Gerrin West, Jayne Clayton, and David Todd grab vacc suits from the ship’s locker and prepare to leave the ship. These suits were of an older TL8 design, making them bulky and awkward to work with, but it was all that was available. Trying to explore the pyramids without some sort of protection from the atmosphere would leave them dead in minutes.

14:00 [480 minutes of suit integrity left) - Away team cycles through the airlock on cargo bay 2 and begins EVA.
14:08 [472 minutes of suit integrity left) - Away team reaches the base of the pyramid structures closest to the Grendel. After a brief surveying of the situation, the decision is made to go up to the first terrace and examine the statues.
14:23 [457 minutes of suit integrity left) - Away team completes their examination of the statues. While humanoid, they do not seem to be of humans, though the corrosive effects of the atmosphere have eroded most features of note. None of the statues seem to pivot or move in any way.
14:33 [447 minutes of suit integrity left) - With nothing useful discovered on the terrace, the away team climbs to the top of the nearby pyramid and examines the larger statue there. With some effort, the statue is found to pivot revealing a shaft going into the pyramid.
14:35 [445 minutes of suit integrity left) - David is selected as the first man down and proceeds to climb down into the pyramid. However, the bulky and cumbersome vacc suit proved to be too much for him and he falls. Fortunately, it was not too far down into the chamber and the vacc suit absorbed the bulk of the damage and thankfully did not lose integrity. Laying on the large metallic disk that broke his fall, he spies motion near the ceiling.
14:39 [441 minutes of suit integrity left) - The rest of the team climbs down and their arrival scared the fliers who flew down a nearby corridor.
14:44 [436 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team decides to investigate the shaft the fliers went down. They discover the corridor was a dead end and the local fauna do not react well to being cornered.
14:51 [429 minutes of suit integrity left) - The away team mends their wounds as best as they are able after securing the specimens.
14:55 [425 minutes of suit integrity left) - Moving back to the central chamber, the team investigates the metallic disk and determine that there is no physical support system – it simply hovers in the shaft which seems to go much deeper into the pyramid. In fact, the shaft seems to go deeper into the pyramid than they have rope.
14:59 [421 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team moves to a smaller adjoining chamber but find nothing of note – there is no decor of any sort and the walls are featureless.
15:33 [388 minutes of suit integrity left) - Deciding that this avenue of approach was not fruitful, the team with some difficulty climbs back to the top of the pyramid.
15:36 [385 minutes of suit integrity left) - The team assesses the situation and decide that returning to the ship to attend to their injuries and analyse the facility would be the best course of action.
15:48 [373 minutes of suit integrity left) - The away team reaches the Grendel and cycles through the airlock.

The team sustained numerous injuries requiring the attention of the ship’s doctor, Olivia. Medical care took approximately 6 hours before they were cleared to return to duty.

Assessment of the vacc suits confirmed that the corrosive effects of the Yorbund atmosphere have compromised the integrity of suits 1, 5, and 8. While they could be used in an emergency, recommendations are that these be pulled from service until a full reconditioning is performed.

190-1105 - And So It Begins

The Travellers had just recently closed the deal on the Far Trader Grendel and set about rounding up passengers and cargo for their initial run as independent traders. With crew, passengers and cargo secured, the Grendel prepared for liftoff when an earthquake rocked the starport. Ground control had the Travellers continue with their takeoff and before long they were in low orbit.

David was piloting the ship and mentioned that the Grendel was behaving oddly – whether this was because it was an old ship or if it sustained damage in the quake he could not be sure. The maneuver drive seemed a bit sluggish and the hull made an inordinate amount of creaking and groaning as it had climbed through the atmosphere. It was decided that before they continued their voyage to Kinorb, they should run a full diagnostics to make sure it was safe to continue.

In the hours that the inspection took, Dr. Hadish noticed an anomaly on the planet’s surface. Yorbund’s atmosphere is notoriously difficult for sensors to penetrate, and to think that their commercial sensors would pick up anything was unthinkable – and yet there they were: structures of unknown origin located hundreds of kilometers from the starport or any other known settlement. Being presented with a unique opportunity, the decision was made to go in for a closer look for scientific curiosity as well as giving their passengers the thrill of viewing an unknown ancient structure.

David brought the Grendel down for a closer look so their sensors could get a better reading on the pyramids and the passengers could view them from the lounge. As they closed within a few kilometers, one of the faces of the largest pyramid grew bright and a beam of energy shot out, barely missing the Grendel. Thanks to David’s quick piloting, the Grendel touches down safely before a second beam could target the ship. Dr. Hadish informs the group that they were lucky the beam missed – it had enough energy to seriously damage if not destroy the ship. Finding themselves pinned down in the shadow of the ancient complex, the Travellers see little option but to send out a team to investigate the pyramids and attempt to disable the energy weapon…

Day 1
Character Creation

On 16Sept2012, a bunch of us got together to make up characters. Present were Rob, Heather, Ken, Suz, JD, Lee and Steven. Missing were Paul and John.

Steven decided on using Traveller’s Mongoose edition currently. Everyone rolled dice and stuck in their attributes. Then we all rolled for our world backgrounds. 4 of us are from tiny planetoids. NO one from a water planet. I am from a vacuum planetoid. It was fun and a bit funny…

THEN we rolled for what we intended to do for our jobs/careers/education. THIS was the really fun part.

Special note: Jd was still feeling under the weather, so he only went through 2 rounds, and will finish his character later.

Lee and I both chose the scholar path. Luckily, neither of us washed out of school, although we did have some mishaps. Out of the six rounds, I only got 3 levels of advancement as a scholar, I believe Lee got more. Lee’s character also had a mishap where he lost an eye, and later, luckily met my character, which prevented him suffering more severe damage. So we have a link. He and I both kept getting certain skills in higher ranks, but the rest were left at level 0. I got 3 “major awards”(it sounds like A Christmas Story) which was cool. I believe we both got rivals and allies as well.

Heather, well Heather’s character NOW owns most of Goldman Sachs. She took 6 levels in merchant, and kicked it’s ass. She is owed enough favors and has enough contacts and allies to keep us ok for the first 9 months of this game. She had a few good laughs along the way too.

Ken, we are all pretty sure that Ken’s planet is from the Japanese Empire! Ken followed the Noble path and achieved his goal of becoming an Ambassador so he is very pleased with himself. He had quite a few adventures along the way, also ending up with rivals and contacts. We laughed the most at Ken’s rounds for sure.

Finally we come to Rob. Poor Rob. He wanted to make a pilot, and tried for the Marines. In the end he did most of 1 term at Naval school, and 4 rounds as a drifter. He opted not to go for the 5th and 6th round so he could remain with all his limbs and less debt. My character cured him of “space tuberculosis”, which is how we have a link. Ken’s character saved him from a death duel, and now they have a link too. We all had a lot of laughs, but I think Rob got a bit screwed over by the dice. (Please note, I thought he went 5 rounds, Steven says 4, betting he is right)

So we mustered, and have about 1/3 of a ship. Rob is in debt, Heather and Ken each have a ridiculous amount of cash. Now we are waiting to see what happens with everyone else.

This should be fun!


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