Express Boats

The primary means of interstellar communication within the Imperium is the express boat – a small, fast, information carrying starship. Rhylanor is nearly four years out from the Imperial Core, and the express boat links were established to insure the rapid transmission of messages (governmental, commercial, and private) with a maximum of efficiency.

Selected locations along major trade routes are established as express stations, orbital facilities which service and refuel the xboats on their communications runs. As an xboat arrives in a system, it beams its recorded messages to the express station, which then re-transmits it to an xboat standing by for a jump out-system. Time between jumps is almost always less than four hours, and can be under seven minutes. The speed of communication is thus nearly the speed of jump (xboats are equipped with jump-4 drives, four parsecs per week). In practice, this speed is somewhat reduced as trade routes do not follow straight lines, and not all jumps are made at jump-4. Average speed approximates jump-2.6 per week.

As published in Adventure 2 – Research Station Gamma © Far Future Enterprises

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Express Boats

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