First Imperium

1 VI to 1383 VI

The first major interstellar civilization, originating extensive colonization by Vland in the period -5200 to -4000 (750 BC to 450 AD Terran). In this era of interstellar exploration and expansion, the Vilani (native humans evolved on Vland) demonstrated their technological superiority and strong central authority over a period of 1500 years. Neighboring worlds were assimilated into a trade community, and gradually absorbed into the central Vilani society.

By -4045 (the traditional date of Establishment) the First Imperium was a far-flung empire encompassing ten sectors and nearly five thousand worlds. Centuries of continuing expansion added new worlds, including four more sectors in the next thousand years. No new sectors were added to the First Imperium after -2900.

Instead, with cultural maturity, the First Imperium became a pinnacle of interstellar diplomacy. Client-states under the protection or the patronage of the Vilani numbered in the thousands, while the influence of the Imperium stretched from Zhodane and Lair to Kirur and Guaran. Indeed, Vilani suzerainty is credited with the protective embrace which allowed the development of most major races into their current status.

However, by -3000 the Imperium had begun to decline. Its client-states were becoming restive, expanding, and stretching their growing muscles; the Imperium’s own power was waning, and stretched thin. The rise of the Solomani and their expansionism on the rim led to a series of interstellar wars ultimately decided against the Imperium. Its fall, in -2204, was accompanied by the rise of the Second Imperium.

The First Imperium bore many names in its long life, including the Grand Imperium of Stars, the Grand Imperium, and the Vilani Empire.

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First Imperium

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