Far Trader Grendel

204-1105 - 00:00 CST - Jump to Beck's World

This should be a quiet trip

204-1105 – 00:00 - Cargo starts arriving at the docking bay and gets secured in the cargo bays.
204-1105 – 08:00 - Passengers begin arriving at the Far Trader Grendel for boarding. Count Nakamura Sunahiko shows them to their cabins and sees their luggage is secured.
204-1105 – 12:00 - With all passengers and cargo on board and Thaelin Storm and Gerrin West signing off on the maneuver drive, David Todd gets clearance from the control tower for lift-off.
204-1105 – 12:31 - The Grendel achieves orbit and David plots a course to the jump point. Knowing that it will take the Grendel around 6 hours to traverse the 960,000 kilometers, he notifies the crew and passengers of this and begins the jump calculations.
204-1105 – 18:02 - The Grendel arrives at the jump point and David plots the course for a safe arrival in Beck’s World system. At David’s command, Thaelin transfers power to the jump drive and the ship enters into jump space successfully – though there seemed to be a slight hiccup when the drive engaged.


  • Dr. Oliva and David recondition vacc suits 1 and 5 and return them to service.
  • Thaelin and Jayne Clayton recondition vacc suits 2 and 3 and return them to service.


Daimyo_Ogata Daimyo_Ogata

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