Far Trader Grendel

211-1105 - 08:08 CST - Arrival in Beck's World System

This looks like a quiet little backwater world

211-1105 – 08:08 - The Far Trader Grendel comes out of jump space in the Beck’s World system, approximately 1,280,000 kilometers from the planet. David Todd informs the crew and passengers that it be just under 10 hours before the ship arrives at the starport.
211-1105 – 17:38 - The ship arrives in high orbit and is only able to raise an automated beacon with directions on how to proceed and land planet side.
211-1105 – 17:58 - With Dr Hadish Madhur manning the sensors, the Grendel lands safely.


  • Cold sleep passengers awakened under Dr. Olivia’s supervision. The low passengers disembark from the ship and the tickets turned into the starport authority for reimbursement.
  • Docking fee of 20 credits paid.
  • Refueling scheduled for the Grendel – 44 tons of unrefined fuel @ 100 cr / ton
  • Gerrin West and Thaelin Storm give the jump drive a once over to make sure that hiccup on the last jump was not an indication of bigger problems.


Daimyo_Ogata Daimyo_Ogata

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