Far Trader Grendel

211-1105 - 18:00 CST - Beck's World - Part 1

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

211-1105 – 18:00 - Count Nakamura Sunahiko attempts to check in with the SPA but finds the admin building closed until morning. Looking around he sees that the gates out of the starport are closed and guarded. Further exploration shows that one of the warehouse buildings in the “starport” has been converted into a bar for the locals.
211-1105 – 18:30 - Dr Hadish Madhur and David Todd decide to check out the local watering hole and head to the bar. After settling in with a couple drinks, they find a small being the locals refer to as a chirper under the table. Calling itself Chiree, it asks them for help. While they do not agree to help him, they tell Chiree that they will take him back to the boss to plead his case.
211-1105 – 19:25 - Heading back to the Grendel, Hadish and David are stopped by a local patrol. They review their papers and then let them go on to the ship. Oddly, Chiree was no where to be found during this whole incident.
211-1105 – 20:00 - Arriving back at the Grendel, Hadish and David meet with Edith Jetter so Chiree could plead his case to her. He tells them that his nest mates were taken from their home in the north lands by bad men and sent down to a strange metal place with metal beings with other creatures somewhere in the southern sea. Hearing Chiree’s story, the group opts to take up his cause.
211-1105 – 22:00 - Count Nakamura puts together a plan to get the travellers onto Beck’s World legally so as to not cause trouble with the locals. Looking up the planet info, he figures an off-world hunting party, properly permitted, would be able to get them on planet and on the trail of the missing chirpers.
212-1105 – 09:30 - The travellers check in with the SPA and with a few forms filled out an “fees” paid, visas are issued to allow them onto Beck’s World proper. David and Jayne Clayton are to remain with the Grendel just in case.
212-1105 – 11:00 - A bus is hired and the travellers and high passengers are taken down to the docks where boats are chartered for the “fishing trip”. As part of the plan, Count Nakamura would be taking one boat and the high passengers on an actual fishing trip. The other ship (submarine) would take the travellers in search of the place Chiree described. As generous as Count Nakamura was with hiring his boats, Jeb captains the sub doing the search himself.
212-1105 – 14:00 - The boats fully outfitted and provisioned set sail on their respective fishing trips. Fortunately for the away team, Gerrin West has had some experience with subs before and uses his knowledge to help refine the search. Even still, reaching the target zone and sweeping the area would take nearly 2 days.
213-1105 -
The GrendelDavid and Jayne work on repairing the damaged vacc suits.
The Fishing Boat - Count Nakamura and the high passengers spend more time partying than fishing.
The Away Team - Gerrin manages to shave off 3 hours from their overall travel time by taking advantage of the currents.
214-1105 -
The GrendelDavid and Jayne work on repairing the damaged vacc suits.
The Fishing Boat - The high passengers all but forget about the fishing. To keep them interested, Count Nakamura offers a high passage to the person that catches the largest fish.
The Away Team - They arrive at the target zone for their search and begin their sweeps. Captain Jeb muses that he seemed to recall an old timer that claimed to do supply runs for an Imperial Station around these parts but everyone though he was either crazy or a drunkard.Research station gamma
214-1105 – 20:00 - Hadish on his watch on deck, aided by his digital camera, spots the angular silhouette of a structure poking out from the sea. Moving closer to the object they discover it is some sort of station and begin looking for a way inside.
214-1105 – 20:40 - They discover there is a globe near the sea floor that seems to serve as a dock for subs. When Captain Jeb maneuvers his boat up to it, the doors open and allow it to dock.
214-1105 – 20:50 - Having gained entry into the station, the away team quickly locates the central shaft and the elevator car that seems to run the full height of the station. They quickly grasp the controls and decide to begin their exploration of the station from the lowest level (designated ‘Globe 12’)
214-1105 – 21:10 - Investigating ‘Globe 12’ takes little time as the doors are open and the globe seems to be empty and unused.
214-1105 – 21:20 - Taking the elevator care up to ‘Globe 11’ they find the doors closed and the readout by them registering [FA0] – what could this mean? Thaelin finds an access hatch and the tunnels underneath. He tries to find some control systems but from his examination, it appears that they are located elsewhere in the complex. Gerrin meanwhile finds a ladder leading up to what appears to be an observation deck. Looking into the globe he sees five human looking beings in the chamber. When they notice him he hears something echo in his mind: “Help us!!!”


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